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Becky Remmel Sanchez
Photographer | Owner

As a 4th generation Bay Area native, I love the energy surrounding tech, startups and small businesses. Snap-Shoppe is my dream of entrepreneurship and art. My greatest passion is in portrait photography and taking pictures people are proud of.  I also enjoy dabbling in fine art photo installations. More of that here: www.Reflectionairy.com


LinkedIn ○ Google ○ Morgan Stanley ○  OneWheel ○ Genentech 

GAP ○ Rocket-Space ○ Oracle ○ Shape Security ○ Wikia 

Galvanize ○ Rothenberg Ventures ○ Roam Artisan Burgers 

The Guardsmen ○ Redshift ○ AutoPilot ○ Roost ○ Eniac Ventures 

First Job ○ Fashion Revolution ○ Shift Mobility ○ CyberZ ○ JustUno

WITI Conference ○ Giving Assistant ○ Lapview ○ Yuppie Friday 

Bartesian ○ Relypsa  ○ Anresco ○ Blue Matter  ○  Elite Focus Clinic 

LivRio ○ Emergent VR ○ Three Day Rule ○ PBWC Conference

Theorem  ○  Carma ○  Poseidon Asset Management  ○   Clever

Custom Dreams Contractors ○ Three Day Rule   ○ Matterport

American Heart Association Conference ○ Renaissance Collective

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